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  • Trash Pump 3"

    3″ Trash Pump


    Gas powered pump for moving a large quantity of water in a short amount of time.

  • Chainsaw Electric

    Electric Chainsaw
    STIHL MSE 141


    Perfect for people unable to start the larger gas powered saws, or for smaller projects around the home  where electricity is available.

  • Gas Chainsaw MC 261

    Gas Chainsaw
    STIHL MS 261


    A medium sized professional saw meant for an experienced user to tackle medium trees and trimming jobs.

  • Gas Chainsaw MS 391

    Gas Chainsaw
    STIHL MS 391


    Quality Stihl chainsaw with 20″ bar and chain to tackle those big jobs that yours may not be up for. We service these saws every rental and send with a freshly sharpened chain. We also send the mixed fuel with the saw which takes the fuel liability off of you.

  • Post Hole Auger Man Operated

    Post Hole Auger
    Man Operated

  • 1 Man Post Auger

    1 Man Post Auger


    This unit is considered a one man unit and the auger is driven hydraulically. Benefits of this machine is safety and power to run through the hardest ground. That said we have a few rocks in our area and they cause issues with success. Wise to have a 5′ crow bar on hand to get those pesky ground knots out of the way. They come with a tow bar that hooks to a 2″ ball and we have augers from 6-12″ and you can get down 4′ with use of an extension.

  • 2 Man Post Auger

    2 Man Gas
    Post Auger


    Whether you are fencing, decking or drilling test holes these 2 man units are strong and robust. You can do up to 12″ hole with them but remember it is up to the operator to hold tight when you hit a root or rock. We suggest 10″ bit max for these because the drilling in our area is a bit rough. If the job is big or digging is tough you might consider the 1 man hydraulic unit or the mini loader with the auger attachment.

  • Chipper 4"

    Brush Chipper 4″
    Manual Infeed


    4″ diameter wood capacity with a funnel style manual in-feed chute. Will handle hard wood and soft wood with ease, large funnel style chute to accept those crutches in the limbs. Tows with a 2″ ball and has a well balanced tongue weight to make it easy to move around your property. We take care to ensure the knives are sharp for each rental and appreciate your effort to keep the stones and sand out. By doing so you will also find your job goes faster.

  • Chipper 5 Inch

    Brush Chipper 5″
    Hydraulic Infeed


    5″ woodchipper with Hydraulic infeed chute, great unit for cleaning up around your property. Tows with a 2″ ball and with an overall weight of 1450 lbs it is very manageable with your SUV to site and an be towed with a Quad or Garden tractor on site.

  • Chipper 6 Inch

    Brush Chipper 6″
    Hydraulic Infeed


    Brush Chipper with 6″ diameter capacity and hydraulic in feed- ideal for large jobs or commercial applications. Unit must be towed with at least a full size pick-up or SUV as tongue weight is close to 200 lbs. This also means it is too heavy to move around your property by hand or by a quad. There are times when these machines are busy so call ahead and reserve in order to get you job done.

  • Lawn Aerator



    Rent a gas powered core aerator and open that soil for air, moisture and fertilizer to get to where is needed.

  • Lawn Dethatcher

    Lawn Dethatcher


    Over time your lawn builds up a layer of thatch which act as a barrier to water and air penetration into soil. the concept of the de-thatcher is similar to an aggressive rake with a hard back garden rake taking the layer of thatch up off the soil. Don’t be alarmed by the appearance as the lawn will fill back in as the nutrients are able to sink in. You will find this to work best if you wait until your grass has greened up after winter and can be done at any point after that providing you supply enough moisture to help it recover.

  • Lawn Mower

    Lawn Mowers


    Honda 21″ lawnmower works just as you expect a Honda would. Adjustable wheel to get you set at the height you want your grass to be.

  • Turf Revitalizer



    Touch up your dead spots on your lawn with some fresh seed and turn them green. Knife system cuts into soil surface to help engage seed and encourage germination.

  • Rough Terrain Mower

    Rough Terrain


    This unit is designed to mow down your meadow, clean up the long grass and small brush from beside your driveway.

  • Turf Revitalizer

    Turf Revitalizer