Track Driven
Lift 42′




The Nifty Lift TD42 Track Drive Lift is a versatile and robust aerial work platform designed for accessing difficult-to-reach areas with ease. Its track drive system ensures excellent traction on uneven terrain, making it ideal for outdoor applications such as construction sites and landscaping projects. With a maximum working height of 42 feet and an outreach of 21 feet, this lift offers impressive reach capabilities while maintaining stability. Equipped with a 360-degree rotating platform, operators can efficiently maneuver and position themselves precisely, enhancing productivity and safety. The lift’s compact dimensions allow for easy transportation and maneuverability in confined spaces. Additionally, its robust construction and reliable performance ensure durability and longevity, providing users with a cost-effective solution for their access needs. Overall, the Nifty Lift TD42 Track Drive Lift combines versatility, safety, and efficiency, making it an indispensable asset for various industries.

Please visit this link to see all the specifications so you can ensure you have enough space to use on your site. Pay special attention to the overall width with the stabilizers down. First link is the specs and the second is a YouTube video showing its operation and set up.