Towable Man
Lift 50′



The Nifty Lift TM50 Towable Lift offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience for accessing elevated work areas. Its towable design allows for easy transportation to different job sites, making it an ideal choice for contractors and homeowners. Tows behind a vehicle that can handle 6000 lbs and uses a 2″ ball. With a maximum working height of 50 feet and an outreach of 30 feet, this lift provides ample reach for a wide range of tasks, from maintenance to construction projects. Equipped with a telescopic boom and articulated jib, operators can navigate around obstacles with precision and efficiency. The lift’s lightweight construction and hydraulic outriggers ensure stability and safety during operation. Furthermore, its intuitive controls and quick setup time maximize productivity on the job site. Overall, the Nifty Lift TM50 Towable Lift offers versatility, convenience, and performance, making it an essential tool for professionals in various industries. See the links below to access specs and video. Pay close attention the the width of the unit with stabilizers down to ensure you have enough space on your site. Our unit doesn’t have the drive assist on wheels.