Tiller Attachment
STIHL BF-KM Cultivator



The Stihl KM cultivator attachment is a versatile tool designed to simplify soil cultivation tasks with exceptional efficiency and precision. Engineered to attach seamlessly to Stihl’s KM series powerheads(Rent a powerhead from us or use your own), this cultivator boasts robust construction and durable tines that effortlessly break up soil, aerate, and mix amendments with minimal effort. Its adjustable tine spacing allows for customization to suit different soil types and cultivation needs, while its compact design enables easy maneuverability even in tight spaces. Whether preparing garden beds, cultivating between rows, or tackling small-scale landscaping projects, the Stihl KM cultivator attachment streamlines the cultivation process, saving time and effort while delivering optimal results for gardeners and landscapers alike. NOTE: Power head required