Power Head



The Stihl KM powerhead is a versatile and robust tool designed to meet the diverse needs of professional landscapers and homeowners alike. Powered by a dependable engine, it offers ample torque and smooth operation for a wide range of attachments, making it the cornerstone of Stihl’s KombiSystem. Its ergonomic design, featuring a comfortable loop handle and intuitive controls, ensures user comfort and ease of use during prolonged tasks. The Stihl KM powerhead’s compact size and lightweight construction enhance maneuverability and reduce fatigue, while its easy-to-start system and low-emission engine contribute to environmental friendliness and operator convenience. With its compatibility with numerous attachments, from trimmers to cultivators to hedge trimmers, the Stihl KM powerhead offers unparalleled versatility and efficiency, empowering users to tackle various landscaping tasks with confidence and precision.