Power Broom Attachment
STIHL KW-KM PowerSweep™



The Stihl KM power sweep attachment is a versatile tool designed to simplify debris and snow removal tasks with exceptional efficiency and precision. Engineered to attach seamlessly to Stihl’s KM series powerheads, this attachment features a durable rubber paddle that effectively sweeps debris, leaves, and light snow from paths, driveways, gravel from grass and other surfaces. Its adjustable height and angle allow for customizable sweeping, ensuring thorough cleaning in various conditions. The Stihl KM power sweep attachment’s compact design and lightweight construction enhance maneuverability, making it easy to navigate tight spaces and corners. With its reliable performance and easy-to-use design, the Stihl KM power sweep attachment streamlines cleanup tasks, saving time and effort while maintaining pristine outdoor spaces year-round. NOTE: Power head required.