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  • Bed Edger Attachment

    Bed Redefiner Attachment

    The STIHL FBD-KM Bed Redefiner is a durable and efficient KombiSystem attachment designed for maintaining mulch and flower beds. It features a clog-minimizing deflector design and a cost-effective cutting geometry blade, enabling you to complete the job up to seven times faster than manual methods. The attachment is recommended for use with the KM 130 R, but can also be used with the KM 90 R and KM 110 R. Additionally, it includes a solid drive shaft and a protective gearbox plate, making it a durable and affordable alternative to a dedicated bed redefiner. The attachment’s adjustable depth wheel provides precision control, and it is suitable for professional gardeners, homeowners, and tree experts. Power Head Required
  • Edger Attachment

    Edger Attachment

    The STIHL FC 70 Edger is a professional curved-shaft edger designed for high performance and efficiency. It is powered by a low-emission, fuel-efficient engine that offers longer run times between refueling and up to 28% fuel savings compared to previous models. The “open” guard design helps minimize clogging, allowing for more efficient cutting. Its advanced fuel-saving technology and comfortable curved-shaft design make it an ideal choice for both home and professional use.
  • Hedge Trimmer

    Hedge Trimmer Attachment
    Stihl HL-KM

    The STIHL HL-KM 145° adjustable hedge trimmer attachment is designed for demanding work on high hedges or for work close to the ground. Its lightweight gearbox and modern color scheme provide excellent, flexible cutting performance. With a 145° working range, it is compatible with the STIHL KombiSystem and is lighter than previous models, helping to reduce fatigue when trimming numerous and extensive hedges. The attachment features a 60cm double-sided cutting blade that is versatile and easily adjustable in increments for a better working position and compact storage. It is ideal for efficient cutting, trimming, and shaping high hedges in heavy-duty applications, making it a valuable addition to your gardening tools arsenal.
  • Line Trimmer

    Line Attachment

    The FS-KM Line Head Trimmer KombiTool is a versatile attachment designed for mowing and trimming around obstacles. It uses the dependable AutoCut head and delivers greater maneuverability around landscape obstacles. The attachment is suitable for use with all KombiEngines, making it a perfect tool for edging up the lawn, trimming around obstacles, and general grass maintenance. The AutoCut mowing head makes refilling the line easy, and the straight shaft is strong and durable.
  • Pole Pruner

    Pole Pruner Attachment

    The STIHL HT-KM pole pruner is an efficient tool for professional landscapers, municipal operations, and fruit growers. It allows for the sawing of higher branches while standing comfortably on the ground, making it perfect for tree maintenance. The KombiTool has a total length of 126 cm, enabling users to reach branches at heights up to 3 m. With a compact and lightweight design, ergonomic working is facilitated. The STIHL HT-KM pole pruner is compatible with all STIHL KombiEngines and features a quick coupling mechanism for easy connection. Power Head Required.
  • Stihl Power Head

    Power Head
    STIHL KM 91R

    The STIHL KM 91 R KombiMotor is a powerful and versatile professional-grade multi-tool designed for a wide range of outdoor maintenance tasks. It features a simplified start-up sequence for convenient starting, a larger fuel tank for increased battery life, and a paper air filter. The loop handle ensures good maneuverability, even in confined spaces, while the barrier bar protects against accidents. The KombiMotor offers 30% longer run time compared to previous models and is compatible with a full line of high-quality attachments. It is designed for comfort and ease of use, with an ergonomic design that reduces operator fatigue and an anti-vibration system. If you’re a landscaping professional looking for a dependable and efficient tool to streamline your operations, the STIHL KM 91 R KombiMotor is an excellent rental.
  • TIller Attachment

    Tiller Attachment
    STIHL BF-KM Cultivator

    Transform your STIHL KombiMotor into a handheld cultivator with the BF-KM mini-cultivator attachment. Part of the STIHL KombiSystem series of attachments, this lightweight cultivator is ideal for getting into tight places and mixing things up. Use it to rejuvenate flowerbeds and other planting areas. It’s also great for mixing amendments into the soil. It’s an attachment no gardener should be without.
  • Power Broom

    Power Broom Attachment
    STIHL KW-KM PowerSweep™


    Looking for a quick & easy way to clean-up your yard this spring?  This is the tool for the job!  The power broom is the perfect tool to clean-up after the snow plows or blowers.  It will clean-up your driveway as well as remove stones from your lawn.  The ideal time to use this unit is when your lawn/yard has dried up & just when you start to see signs of the grass starting to grow.  This is the attachment that fits the Stihl KM series units, rent one or use your own motor.