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  • Fishtape

    Fish Tape


    Use to feed wires into walls and conduits. 75 ft long

  • Ozone Generator

    Ozone Generator


    This professional grade Ozone Generator can be used virtually anywhere odors are a problem. In fact, hospitals around the world use large ozone generators to decontaminate operating rooms between surgeries. Here are just of a few examples of where to use OdorStop:

    Real Estate Sales — freshen air before open houses
    Rental Properties — clean and sanitize between tenants
    Automobiles — get rid of cigarette odors and stale smells in pre-owned vehicles
    Boats/Yachts — refresh interior cabin air and eliminate musty smells
    Office Buildings — clean and sanitize work spaces for better employee health
    Janitorial Services — offer as an additional cleaning service
    Fitness Facilities — remove odors overnight
    Smoke Damage — remove smoke odors following a fire
    Remodeling — include as part of remodeling clean-up

  • Panel Lift

    Panel Lift
    11’8″ Max


    Quality Panel Lift to get the drywall from the floor to the ceiling with ease. Tilting head and 3 pivoting castors make it easy move around and position the drywall just where you need it. Unit reaches to 11’5″ in its standard form and if you have ceilings higher than that you need to rent an extension that will get you to 16′.

  • Texture Applicator

    Texture Applicator

  • Wallpaper Steamer

    Wallpaper Steamer


    Make wall paper fall off the wall(except that vinyl stuff) with ease.