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  • Cut-off Saw 14"

    Gas Cut-Off Saw
    14″ Blade


    Stihl TS420 concrete cut off saw which accepts 14″ blade. These saws have water attachment point that you can hook your garden hose up to to control dust. Rent a diamond blade for cutting concrete or buy blades for your specific use. Sometimes it makes sense to buy your own diamond blade if you have many days use for the saw.

  • Gas Chainsaw 49cc

    49cc Gas Chainsaw 16″ Bar


    A medium sized professional saw meant for an experienced user to tackle medium trees and trimming jobs.

  • Gas Chainsaw 59cc

    Chainsaw Stihl 20″ Bar 59CC


    Quality Stihl chainsaw with 20″ bar and chain to tackle those big jobs that yours may not be up for. We service these saws every rental and send with a freshly sharpened chain. We also send the mixed fuel with the saw which takes the fuel liability off of you.

  • Cart For Cut-Off Saw

    Cart For Cut-Off Saws


    Use this cart to help you make straight cuts on your newly poured floor or across your driveway. Fits all Stihl TS 410-TS500i cut quick  so rent ours or use your own saw.

  • Chop Saw

    Chop Saw

  • Circular Saw

    Circular Saw


    Easy way to cut wood materials for home renovations. This unit takes a 7 1/4″ blades sold separately.

  • Electric Chainsaw

    Electric Chainsaw 14″


    Perfect for people unable to start the larger gas powered saws, or for smaller projects around the home  where electricity is available.

  • Electric Cut off Saw

    Electric Cut-Off Saw

  • Hitachi Jigsaw



    Ideal for smaller intricate cuts like curves and holes where fine turns in the cut are required. May not be available at all store. Call ahead to order.

  • Sawzall



    A great tool for rough-in’s and demolishing, that require cutting different materials. Blades available in store.

  • Sliding Mitre Saw

    Sliding Compound Mitre Saw


    Sliding compound miter saw to help you with that deck, fence or trim project.

  • Chainsaw Electric

    Electric Chainsaw
    STIHL MSE 141

    The MSE 141 C-Q electric chainsaw is a lightweight and affordable option, making it ideal for homeowners and carpenters. With a powerhead just over six pounds, it is the lightest electric chainsaw in its class, suitable for a variety of outdoor and indoor tasks such as firewood cutting, storm cleanup, and woodworking. The saw is packed with premium features including a coast-down brake, low-kickback chain, and an extension cord retainer. Additionally, it offers good ergonomics for effortless work, side-mounted chain tensioning, Quickstop Super chain brake, and overload protection. If you’re looking for a reliable and maneuverable electric chainsaw with good cutting performance, the MSE 141 C-Q is a great choice.