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  • Wood Splitter Vertical
    Wallenstein WX980


    The WX980 Wallenstein Trailer Log Splitter is a powerful and versatile woodsplitter that provides dependable splitting force and fast, efficient workflow for logs up to 24″ long. With a 31-ton splitting force and a 270 CC Honda GX270 engine, this log splitter is capable of handling any size of job. It can split wood both horizontally and vertically, and its average cycle time is approximately 6.69 seconds. Additionally, the log splitter is backed by a 5-year warranty, ensuring reliability and durability.

  • 2 way wood splitter

    2-Way Wood Splitter
    Split-Fire 3255


    A great way to get your wood pile ready!  This machine is very productive as it is a 2-way machine.  Get your wood split in half the time.  With it’s 2″ ball hitch & tail lights it is easy to tow to your wood yard or get to your pile.