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  • Yard Boss Power Sweeper

    Sweeper Broom
    STIHL KW-MM Power Sweep

    The KW-MM PowerSweep™ attachment for the STIHL YARD BOSS® yard care system is a powerful tool featuring heavy-duty rubber flaps. It effectively cleans up compacted dirt along roads and sidewalks, moves pebbles and sand from grassy turf, and even removes water and light snow from hard flat surfaces.
  • TIller Attachment

    Tiller Attachment
    STIHL BF-KM Cultivator

    Transform your STIHL KombiMotor into a handheld cultivator with the BF-KM mini-cultivator attachment. Part of the STIHL KombiSystem series of attachments, this lightweight cultivator is ideal for getting into tight places and mixing things up. Use it to rejuvenate flowerbeds and other planting areas. It’s also great for mixing amendments into the soil. It’s an attachment no gardener should be without.
  • 9 HP Tiller

    9HP Tiller


    Till effectively in small spaces by using this 18″ wide machine.  The unique swivel handlebar featured on this compact unit means you can walk alongside your tiller rather than in your freshly tilled earth.  Don’t let this narrow machine fool you,  with its heavy design the tiller works for you instead of tossing you around.  Counter-rotating tines break up the most difficult soil, clay, or sod.  Wheels and tines work independently of each other to allow your tilling travel speed to be adjusted to the soil conditions.  This easy to use machine comes on it own trailer for easy pick-up (2″ ball required).  Call your local store and book yours today!


    Pivoting handlebar allows closer tilling along houses or fence lines

    Free-wheeling hubs unlock to transport the tiller without starting the engine

    Counter-rotating tines cut through sod and hard-packed soil

    Simple controls are easy to learn and easy to operate

  • F220

    Power Tiller
    Honda F220 Series


    It is powered by a 4-stroke OHV GXV57 57.3 cc engine which is incredibly powerful and economically friendly, with lower emission levels. It is also neighbourhood friendly with low sound levels.

    It features a wide 545 mm maximum tilling width and 203 mm maximum tilling depth making it ideal for taking on large flower beds and vegetable gardens.

    With an adjustable Y-shaped handle and transport handle, this tiller is easy to use and manoeuvre ensuring that it is suitable for the discerning home-owner.

    As standard, the Honda F220 is supplied with slasher rotors and crop protection discs for added safety.

  • F501

    Power Tiller
    Honda F501 Series


    The Honda 501 series tiller offers the dig and power required to deep turn your vegetable bed or turn up a new one. It also works very well to turn your lawn for re-seeding. If you are making a new garden consider taking the sod off with a sod cutter first to reduce the effort to till as well as the roots that you turn back into the soil.