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  • Fence Stretcher

    Chain Link Fence Stretcher
    SpeeCo Woven Wire Stretcher

    If you’re in need of a fence stretcher, we have a selection of high-quality products to help you get the job done. Whether you’re working with chain link, woven wire, or welded wire fencing, these tools are designed to efficiently stretch and maintain proper tension in your fence. Some options come with hooks for easy attachment and even stretching. With heavy-duty capabilities and the ability to handle long lengths of fence wire, these stretchers are essential for any fencing project.
  • Lawn Aerator

    Lawn Aerator
    Ryan Lawnaire IV Aerator

    The Lawnaire IV aerators has Easy Steer Technology and is designed for lawn care operators and rental houses looking for top-quality lawn care equipment. this drum-style, self-propelled aerators combines performance, durability, and ease of use, making it ideal for both small and large lawn care contractors. The Easy Steer Technology allows for efficient maneuvering around highly landscaped areas, while the innovative tine assemblies enable steering without removing the tines from the ground. With aeration widths of 19 inches, the Lawnaire IV was named the “best walk-behind aerator” by Bob Vila in 2022. Check out the benefits here.
  • Lawn Dethatcher

    Lawn Dethatcher
    Ryan Turf Ren-O-Thin Power Rake


    Over time your lawn builds up a layer of thatch which act as a barrier to water and air penetration into soil. the concept of the de-thatcher is similar to an aggressive rake with a hard back garden rake taking the layer of thatch up off the soil. Don’t be alarmed by the appearance as the lawn will fill back in as the nutrients are able to sink in. You will find this to work best if you wait until your grass has greened up after winter and can be done at any point after that providing you supply enough moisture to help it recover.

  • Lawn Mower

    Lawn Mowers
    Honda HRS216PKA


    Honda 21″ lawnmower works just as you expect a Honda would. Adjustable wheel to get you set at the height you want your grass to be.

  • Turf Revitalizer

    Turf Revitalizer
    Classen HTS-20H PRO Hydro-Drive


    Touch up your dead spots on your lawn with some fresh seed and turn them green.

    The Classen HTS-20H is designed to make seeding easier and more efficient. This self-propelled machine feature hydrostatic drive and a floating seed box that ensures precise seed placement, resulting in thicker and healthier turf. With features like a Honda engine, 13 double-bladed shafts, and a narrow 1.5-inch seed row spacing, the overseeders provide carpet-like coverage even on uneven terrain. Whether for commercial or residential use, this overseeders offer the power and convenience needed to quickly achieve lush, healthy grass. For those seeking a reliable and effective solution for lawn overseeding, the Classen turf overseeders are a top choice.

  • Rough Terrain Mower

    Rough Terrain Mower
    Little Wonder BRC-26

    The Little Wonder Hydro Brush Cutter is a commercial-grade machine designed for clearing underbrush, cutting down forest brush, establishing trails, and maintaining roadside verges. It features a 30″ wide, 10-gauge welded steel deck, a 26″ reversible blade, and adjustable plate steel skid shoes for excellent floatation over rough terrain. The brush cutter is powered by a durable Honda engine and offers infinitely variable, clutchless speed selection. With solid rod linkage to the transmission and cutter blade clutch, worry-free cutting is ensured. The rugged design and top-of-the-line features make the Little Wonder Hydro Brush Cutter a clear-cut winner for demanding landscaping tasks.
  • Turf Revitalizer

    Turf Revitalizer
    Classen HTS-20H PRO Hydro-Drive

  • 9 HP Tiller

    9HP Tiller


    Till effectively in small spaces by using this 18″ wide machine.  The unique swivel handlebar featured on this compact unit means you can walk alongside your tiller rather than in your freshly tilled earth.  Don’t let this narrow machine fool you,  with its heavy design the tiller works for you instead of tossing you around.  Counter-rotating tines break up the most difficult soil, clay, or sod.  Wheels and tines work independently of each other to allow your tilling travel speed to be adjusted to the soil conditions.  This easy to use machine comes on it own trailer for easy pick-up (2″ ball required).  Call your local store and book yours today!


    Pivoting handlebar allows closer tilling along houses or fence lines

    Free-wheeling hubs unlock to transport the tiller without starting the engine

    Counter-rotating tines cut through sod and hard-packed soil

    Simple controls are easy to learn and easy to operate

  • F220

    Power Tiller
    Honda F220 Series


    It is powered by a 4-stroke OHV GXV57 57.3 cc engine which is incredibly powerful and economically friendly, with lower emission levels. It is also neighbourhood friendly with low sound levels.

    It features a wide 545 mm maximum tilling width and 203 mm maximum tilling depth making it ideal for taking on large flower beds and vegetable gardens.

    With an adjustable Y-shaped handle and transport handle, this tiller is easy to use and manoeuvre ensuring that it is suitable for the discerning home-owner.

    As standard, the Honda F220 is supplied with slasher rotors and crop protection discs for added safety.

  • F501

    Power Tiller
    Honda F501 Series


    The Honda 501 series tiller offers the dig and power required to deep turn your vegetable bed or turn up a new one. It also works very well to turn your lawn for re-seeding. If you are making a new garden consider taking the sod off with a sod cutter first to reduce the effort to till as well as the roots that you turn back into the soil.

  • Power Broom

    Power Broom Attachment
    STIHL KW-KM PowerSweep™


    Looking for a quick & easy way to clean-up your yard this spring?  This is the tool for the job!  The power broom is the perfect tool to clean-up after the snow plows or blowers.  It will clean-up your driveway as well as remove stones from your lawn.  The ideal time to use this unit is when your lawn/yard has dried up & just when you start to see signs of the grass starting to grow.  This is the attachment that fits the Stihl KM series units, rent one or use your own motor.

  • Bandit Stump Grinder

    Stump Grinder
    Bandit SG-40

    The Bandit SG-40 stump grinder is a compact and powerful machine designed to efficiently grind stumps in tight, restricted areas. It is equipped with a 38hp Kohler EFI engine, making it capable of plowing through nearly any stump. The rubber track undercarriage is gentle on delicate lawns yet strong enough to navigate rough terrain. The machine offers enhanced operator visibility and maneuverability, with two cutter wheel options available. Additionally, the controls are ergonomically designed for ease of use. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing, the Bandit SG-40 is a versatile and reliable solution for stump grinding professionals.

    *** This unit is only available for pick-up and return from/to our Carleton Place Location***

  • 6HP Stump Grinder

    6HP Stump Grinder

    The stump grinder featured here is powered by reliable Honda engines and is designed to be compact, portable, and easy to use. It’s equipped with Green Tooth cutting systems and offer a versatile and robust solution for grinding stumps. The unique side discharge chassis provides a clearer line of vision while grinding, and some models feature a foldable design for easy transportation and storage. With features such as cyclone air cleaners, direct belt drives, and adjustable handlebars, these stump grinders are suitable for efficiently removing stumps in various environments. If you are looking for a portable and efficient stump grinding solution, this product offer quality and ease of use.
  • 9HP Stump Grinder

    Stump Grinder 13HP
    Dosko 337S-13HC


    Sick of cutting around those pesky stumps, rent this tool to ease your pain. Just dig around the stump to make sure there is no rocks and grind the stump below grade and cover over.
    10-12 ” stump should take you less than 30 minutes if you have it cut down to 2 ” above the ground with your chainsaw.

  • Sod Cutter

    Sod Cutter 18″
    Ryan Jr. Sod Cutter


    Make your sod removal fast and easy, whether you are creating a new garden, installing an above ground pool, putting in a walkway or fixing winter kill. You will thank yourself for choosing this heavy duty 18″ sod stripper. Remember as the summer heats up and the ground gets dry and hard you will need to water prior to trying to remove sod. Will make your job so much easier.


  • Gas Lawn Roller

    Lawn Roller
    Kesmac KTR 30


    When you need heavy flatting force for your lawn after winter or new sod this is the tool for you. When filled with water it weighs in at 850 lbs. Even empty it is a heavy machine so you need a trailer with a ramp or a good set of ramps for your pickup.