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  • Lawn Aerator

    Lawn Aerator
    Ryan Lawnaire IV Aerator

    The Lawnaire IV aerators has Easy Steer Technology and is designed for lawn care operators and rental houses looking for top-quality lawn care equipment. this drum-style, self-propelled aerators combines performance, durability, and ease of use, making it ideal for both small and large lawn care contractors. The Easy Steer Technology allows for efficient maneuvering around highly landscaped areas, while the innovative tine assemblies enable steering without removing the tines from the ground. With aeration widths of 19 inches, the Lawnaire IV was named the “best walk-behind aerator” by Bob Vila in 2022. Check out the benefits here.
  • Lawn Mower

    Lawn Mowers
    Honda HRS216PKA


    Honda 21″ lawnmower works just as you expect a Honda would. Adjustable wheel to get you set at the height you want your grass to be.

  • Rough Terrain Mower

    Rough Terrain Mower
    Little Wonder BRC-26

    The Little Wonder Hydro Brush Cutter is a commercial-grade machine designed for clearing underbrush, cutting down forest brush, establishing trails, and maintaining roadside verges. It features a 30″ wide, 10-gauge welded steel deck, a 26″ reversible blade, and adjustable plate steel skid shoes for excellent floatation over rough terrain. The brush cutter is powered by a durable Honda engine and offers infinitely variable, clutchless speed selection. With solid rod linkage to the transmission and cutter blade clutch, worry-free cutting is ensured. The rugged design and top-of-the-line features make the Little Wonder Hydro Brush Cutter a clear-cut winner for demanding landscaping tasks.
  • F501

    Power Tiller
    Honda F501 Series


    The Honda 501 series tiller offers the dig and power required to deep turn your vegetable bed or turn up a new one. It also works very well to turn your lawn for re-seeding. If you are making a new garden consider taking the sod off with a sod cutter first to reduce the effort to till as well as the roots that you turn back into the soil.

  • Sod Cutter

    Sod Cutter 18″
    Ryan Jr. Sod Cutter


    Make your sod removal fast and easy, whether you are creating a new garden, installing an above ground pool, putting in a walkway or fixing winter kill. You will thank yourself for choosing this heavy duty 18″ sod stripper. Remember as the summer heats up and the ground gets dry and hard you will need to water prior to trying to remove sod. Will make your job so much easier.


  • Lawn Vacuum

    Lawn Vacuum
    Little Wonder HPV 5612-00-01


    For your yard or garbage clean up use this tool to vac and bag. Fast and efficient.