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Sno King Sno Kone Machine!

SNO-KONES – NOT JUST FOR KIDS!  Some Favourite Cocktails – Adults ONLY! Gather your ingredients: Liquor: Vodka - 2 jigs for the Appletini & 3 jigs for the Cotton Candy Rum - 2 jigs Blue Curaçao - 1/2 jig Whisky - 2 jigs Angostura Bitters - dash Sour Apple Pucker -...

Hosting Events

Are you hosting an event this year?  Rental Village has what you need to really dazzle your guests! Whether it is a child's party or a formal soirée we carry everything from a Popcorn machine or Sno-Kone machine to an elegant Silver Samovar. Give our Special Events...

There are so many reasons why you should rent

In a time where 'more is better' we are quick to purchase our tools instead of using someone else's! But, if you allow this short video to challenge your thinking we believe you might reconsider your alternatives! Whatever you are doing, consider RENTING as your first...

New Sthil Outfitters

Look Stylish. Work Smart. Get the Job Done.


This is our brand new track-driven lift! If you're looking to reach those "top-shelf' projects, look no further!