About Us

Ralph and Dawna Monette started this family business in 1983 in Carleton Place. The original product catalog featured about 20 items for rent! In 1998 they retired from the business after equipping their sons to lead the operation. That same year a second location opened in Perth, in 2001 Smith Falls, and in 2007 in Stittsville.

You can see by the current rental catalog that new items have continually been added for rent too!

That’s our history in a nutshell. You won’t hear much more talk about our history because we would rather look ahead than behind–the future is a whole lot more exciting!

Terry and Mark Monette are still actively involved with the business, and are proud of the business relationship shared. However they acknowledge their unity as brothers / business partners–and overall business success–is evidence of blessings from God. Corporately they have experienced the benefit of conducting business in alignment with ethics laid out in the Bible. The core values they publish and operate their business by are listed below. These values are not negotiable, and by publishing them here you are invited to hold Rental Village accountable to them.

  • We value honesty, integrity, self-accountability, and transparency of conduct as shown through the Word of God.
  • We value strong, friendly relationships between team-members which will be passed on to our customers
  • We appreciate the value of good service, therefore we endeavor to offer our customers and team the same.
  • We cherish family and will strive to conduct business in a way that honors our team-member’s family unit.
  • We value safety for our team-members and customers.
  • We value organization and cleanliness in all aspects of our business.